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Troy Peasley


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Troy Peasley

Day to Day Life at McCrea

I have just recently started working at McCrea, helping with administration duties such as filing, mail correspondence, and other tasks assigned in support of the advisers and senior administrators. 

Life Before McCrea:

I graduated from Northwood University with Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. After living in America for all our lives, and many holidays to Scotland, we decided to move here. I worked for Allied Vehicles for 2 years before working for McCrea. 






Favourite Thing About Working for McCrea: 

I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the office, and the employees see each other as like family. I am treated as a valued employee and have fun coming into the office to work everyday.

Out of the Office: 

I spend most of my time travelling with my family and enjoy going hiking. I play a little bit of golf, and I'm hoping to play St Andrews Old Course in the next few years. I also do charity work such as volunteering for the Salvation Army, and spend a lot of time reading books

Fun Fact: 

I caddied for a golfer in a PGA tournament Pro-Am in 1998. I also wrote, published and sold a few copies of a book of poetry.