Setting up a Business or Becoming Self Employed

Working Through The Considerations With You

Setting up a business or making the decision to become self employed is a decision thousands of people make every year. Many do so because they want to work for themselves after a period of time working in a related industry, others because they have spotted a gap in the market. 



There are no automatic answers and your choice will be dictated by a number of factors including employee requirements, VAT considerations, set up costs and personal liability.

How We Can Help

Our approach at McCrea Financial Services is to work through the many factors for consideration with you to firstly determine how you should set up.  We are well versed in helping people make the right decisions and can assist you with the initial planning and put you in touch with a range of trusted professionals such as accountants and solicitors, all of whom have experience in your specific business sector. 

We would work with you to look at areas including the tax efficiency of initial investment, replacement or provision of employee and director benefit packages and pension contributions as well as keyperson and general insurances. 

If you have employees we will help ensure you fulfil your workplace pension reform obligations.

Why not work with our business planning experts to help you with the decisions that could affect the profitability and viability of your business.

If you'd like to make an initial free no-obligation appointment to establish or review your plans, you can contact us by email or by calling the office on 0141 572 1340. 

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