Self Employed and Need A Mortgage?

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Getting a Mortgage When You Are Self-Employed

Searching for a mortgage when you’re a director of your own company, a sole trader or in a partnership can be daunting, but we’re here to support you every step of the way.  

You don’t need to take out specific self-employed mortgages from specialised lenders, but you will need to show a lender that you will be able to comfortably afford your repayments. 

Each lender will assess your ability to repay differently based on how you use salary, dividends and retained profits to pay yourself.

We’ve been finding the right mortgages for self-employed people for almost two decades, and as an independent advisory firm, can search the entire market to find the deal that’s right for you.

How We Can Help

Our highly qualified mortgage advisers won’t just point you towards the best deal. They’ll guide you through the whole process, from understanding what each lender requires to prove you can afford the repayments, to working directly with you and your accountants to supply the required documentation. We can also advise on specific mortgage protection to safeguard your home.

At McCrea Mortgages, we have years of experience in arranging mortgages for self-employed borrowers and will start by understanding your unique situation before we find the right lenders and products to suit you.

While most lenders typically require two years’ tax returns, we can access mortgages for self-employed people without accounts going back more than one year, or who may have recently become partners in a GP, solicitors, or accountancy practice. We can also help contractors demonstrate their expected earnings to support their ability to make mortgage repayments.

To find out more about the options open to you, why not get in touch for a free no-obligation chat with our mortgage specialist today?

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.